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Welcome to The Career Dragon community.

A career choice is one of the most impactful life-decisions you make. You learn English, Math, and History in school, but did you “learn” how to choose a career. Most teens don’t possess sufficient life-experience to make this critically impactful decision. After leaving high school, did you have an awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and life purpose? Nevertheless, you were expected to decide upon a life-long career track (possibly before you could legally buy alcohol or vote.)  The lack of preparation to strategically select a career path has contributed to over seventy percent of our American workforce feeling disengaged, or actively disengaged at work. Record numbers are feeling the effects of burnout. Unfortunately, this spills over to impact every aspect of life such as work performance, relationships, anxiety, motivation, sleep, fitness, and overall wellness.

I too struggled with extreme burnout. While researching methods to overcome the effects of burnout, I discovered the greatest thought leaders in self-mastery, behavioral neuroscience, and personal excellence. After more than three years of intense research, I developed the elements of a program that has changed my life and has become the foundation upon which I live.  The tools, systems, and secrets of my Career Brilliant Program will also be available in my book, Love It or Leave It: A Proven Guide To Love Your Job in Sixty Days (And Other Transformative Life Hacks.)

I’m excited to share these resources with you so you may strategically and purposefully prepare for or “reinvent” your career. And for those already feeling disengaged or burned out at work, I offer resources to reverse the pattern that’s stripping you of opportunities to experience an enriched and happy life. My hope is that by removing the guesswork and providing evidence-based, easy to implement tools, you too will begin to live an enriched and fulfilled life and surprisingly, begin to “live for Monday” (not dread it.)

I deliver this content in a variety of formats, including:

  1. FREE  Career Masterplan 30-Day Challenge” e-mail course and blueprint
  2. “The Career Dragon” Blog
  3. “Ignite Your Future” Podcast
  4. This is in addition to opportunities to network with like-minded people in the Dragon Community” Facebook Group.
  5. For those interested in taking a deeper dive,  check out my “Career Brilliant” Premium on-line course as well as occasional private coaching opportunities.
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