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Allow your leadership to become the bridge, not a barrier, to a happy workforce.  Learn how to transform your workplace into a collaborative, meaningful, and inspired environment to propel your mission forward (rather than being the major source of staff dissatisfaction and disengagement.)  This is accomplished by providing leaders a skill-set focused on staff engagement and partnership.  Specifically, leaders will walk away with the essentials of the leader as coach, servant leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and presence.  Rather than delegating or directive behavior, your leaders master supportive and coaching behaviors.



Our country is experiencing an epidemic of workforce disengagement and/or active disengagement.  Not only is over seventy percent of the American workforce feeling disengaged at work, a significant percentage of the disengaged are openly revealing to their friends, family, and colleagues just how miserable they are at work.  Survey after survey demonstrates the significant role managers or supervisors play in the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their workforce.  A new leadership paradigm is needed to reverse this trend.  A new expanding role of the supervisor incorporates a “manager-as-coach” versus the present directive, evaluative, and task-focused supervisory orientation.

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