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In a world with too many choices, distractions and too little time, provides high school and college students strategies to reveal their life purpose and career path.  My mission is to change the world one dream at a time.  I will also provide parents a proven strategy and resources to encourage and motivate their high school or college student to identify a career objective and life plan.  This will be accomplished by spreading the word regarding my life-changing, “CareerMasterPlan Blueprint” and “Career Brilliant system” on-line course.  I’m also offering individual or group coaching for students and/or their parents.

“Transformation” is my favorite word because with just the “right” information, you can literally experience a life-changing transformation for you and your student.  I believe the information I curated could be the spark to ignite that transformation.  We focus on a change in your child’s mind that will open their eyes to a whole new way of thinking.




How You Can Build Your Amazing Future?...

By taking advantage of all the resources has to offer.  The need is great and with the just the right community of involved parents and family members, we can change the future “One Dream At A Time!”  New content and opportunities will continually be added, so check back often.  Don’t forget to listen to the “Ignite Your Future Podcast” for great interviews with professionals in some of the hottest careers today.